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Travel news about Local guides and quality

Many Travel Agents and Tourists miss this information.

This is fact that all kilimanjaro trekking trips are guides by local Kilimanjaro guides. All guides undergo training in Mount Kilimanjaro, staying within Kilimanjaro, trekking, hiking, climbing and walking. Training include altitude sickness symptoms, customer care, monitoring, acclimatization and emergency rescue.

Another Kilimanjaro fact is how much does it cost to book kilimanjaro climb package. Price cost vary depending on how many people, usually cost to trek kilimanjaro vary from 1200 to 1700 US $ per person.

The price of travel package is best balance between Price cost and Quality of services.


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Climbing mount kilimanjaro, hiking, trekking

Easier and convenient way to book kilimanjaro trekking trips in Tanzania. Reliable information on mount kilimanjaro weather, plants and snow. Climb kilimanjaro in best season, feel better and achieve success most. Hiking kilimanjaro and kilimanjaro trekking tours and well organised. Cheap tours and budget climbing mount kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro climbing routes are machame route, rongai route, marangu route, lemosho and umbwe.

Machame route is most beautiful and scenic and some how challenging.

Rongai route is easiest and also scenic.

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News for mountaineers and adventure travelers.

We have introduced supplement oxygen bottle for Kilimanjaro summiting. Explore more, read here OXYGEN FOR BETTER.

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Mount Kilimanjaro climbing

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Mount Kilimanjaro climbing specialist guides

Kilimanjaro Expeditions and Mountaineers Adventures Ltd (KEMA).

This is Licensed Company which deals with hiking, trekking, climbing and mountaineering adventures in Tanzania.

KEMA offers free consultation on all your mountain climbing plans in Tanzania. Climbing mount kilimanjaro specialist local tour operator in Tanzania, best services and affordable prices.

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing trips

Before booking Kilimanjaro climbing trip, we help you plan by giving you useful travel tips and general information on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tour Guide In Moshi, Tanzania can be seen at

Free information, free price quotes = CLICK AND CONTACT US- SEND EMAIL

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Mount Kilimanjaro climbing guides, have prepared useful information and travel tips for successful kilimanjaro climbing trips.

Adventures climbing mount kilimanjaro trips, inquire and get price costs for trekking on any climbing kilimanjaro route of choice.

Browse and discover travel places around the world

All the information about weather in Mount Kilimanjaro, best months to climb mount kilimanjaro, and effects of weather on climbing are available. Altitude sickness does not occur to frequently, our professionally, experienced kilimanjaro trekking guides know how to take care of you.

The Kilimanjaro climbers can take extra day to get used to Kilimanjaro weather, and also the idea of walking slowly slowly while trekking up Kilimanjaro. Drinking water frequently while climbing kilimanjaro helps avoiding altitude sickness. Choice of routes also helps making your kilimanjaro trekking success some routes are steep, some gentle and other routes more easy. Example Marangu route is regarded as easiest, how ever it is the famous route. Marangu route become famous because it was first to be discovered  and used by Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtsscheller with guiding of local guide Yohana Lauwo to Kilimanjaro top.

There are 6 usual route for Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions. These Kilimanjaro trekking route are Marangu, Rongai, Machame, Umbwe, Shira and Lemosho.

Machame route is now a days become famous because of its scenic beauty, less crowd and successful summiting.

Apart from climbing mount kilimanjaro to the summit, other adventure people might like the scenery of Kilimanjaro slopes. Tourists, mountaineers can do trekking, walking safaris to shira peak 3962m above sea level. This is western kilimanjaro trekking expedition which involves wildlife safaris,climbing,trekking,horse riding,bird watching and photographing safaris.  Also you can explore culture of tribe which occupy slopes and base of Kilimanjaro, chagga cultural tourism. Visit Volcanic waterfalls and volcanic lake challa.

Climbing mount kilimanjaro, kilimanjaro trekking

Now, you have variety of activities to do at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, kilimanjaro tours. Browse this Kilimanjaro expedition website and ask for more information. From all inclusive climbing mount kilimanjaro trips, kilimanjaro climbing expeditions, kilimanjaro trekking adventures, climbing kilimanjaro packages, kilimanjaro climbing routes choice and add on wildlife safari tours, african safaris, camping safaris, adventure safaris and beach holidays in Tanzania.


And more specific questions about climbing kilimanjaro… you can ask us and get information instantly.

Contact us now:

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park  info and other Tanzania national parks, wonderful tourist destinations.


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NOTE: For all your climbing mount kilimanjaro, expeditions,adventures, climbing kilimanjaro tours,kilimanjaro trekking,climbing adventures,kilimanjaro trekking expeditions, and adventure tours in Tanzania contact Kilimanjaro Expeditions and Mountaineers Adventures Ltd (KEMA) now.



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Volcanic mountain trekking worldwide, Most volcanic route and snow experience on mount Kilimanjaro.

Climbing mount kilimanjaro tours, book kilimanjaro climb tour. Cheap prices to meet all budgets. Payment can also be made by VISA or MASTER CARD credits cards.


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