Kilimanjaro climbing trips inspiring story

Read Mountaineering travel tips and Kilimanjaro climbing trips story to inspire you to book Kilimanjaro trekking adventure.

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Climb Mount Kilimanjaro to Uhuru peak is the journey same as travelling from Equator to North pole. It brings sense that Kilimanjaro climbing trip enable you to experience 5 climatic ecological zones in a travel package of 6 days or 7 days Kilimanjaro route. Inspiring climb Mount Kilimanjaro story, read more



2 thoughts on “Kilimanjaro climbing trips inspiring story

  1. Eileen Maeryn

    Nice information about Kilimanjaro climbs tour. Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest free standing mountain, measuring 5895 meters above sea level. It is also one of the greatest touristic attractions in Tanzania, being quite the appeal for audacious tourists in search of a lifetime adventure. There are several Kilimanjaro trekking routes available for those who wish to stand on the roof of Africa. There are also many travel agencies and tour operators that organize treks to the summit of the mountain, which comes as a great advantage to tourists, as they can enjoy this rewarding experience with the help of proficient and experienced guides.At the last time, I went alone in January of this year with the help of “” and had an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing.

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