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Uhuru peak Kilimanjaro trekking

Uhuru peak climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Peak

Uhuru Peak Summit Adventure is way to honor Tanganyika Independence acquired in 1961. Tanzania conquered UK and got independence in 1961 from United Kingdom. United Kingdom began ruling Tanzania since 1922 after First World War and German agreed to release Tanzania under supervision of Britain. World Independence means Uhuru in Swahili or Uhuru means Independence. Uhuru peak is success of climbing Kilimanjaro to peak. Uhuru peak Summit trips booking is available online and paid by Credit Card. Budget Kilimanjaro climbing trips available on Uhuru peak adventure trips are Machame route 6 days Kilimanjaro treks, Rongai route 6 days and Machame route 7 days ascent.
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Budget expeditions treks Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions, last minute booking and Christmas discount Offers. Ask for Budget climbing Kilimanjaro travel deals and safaris booking.


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Travel tips and Kilimanjaro deals climb

Tourism reviews and travel tips include best time to climb Kilimanjaro and budget travel deals.

Update information: Best time to climb Kilimanjaro is next coming season and seats available.
Best time to climb Kilimanjaro is from December, January, February to Mid March 15.
The sky is clear (no clouds), No wind in the Mountain, it is warm in the mountain and hence 99% people trek to summit successful
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Camel Safaris Near Arusha National Park

Camel Safaris in Northern Tanzania.

Northern Tanzania camel safaris to the plains between Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Lake Natron, and enjoy the friendly behaviour of the camels.

Welcome to Tanzania and experience the thrill of camel back-riding across the African savannah, with a small group of friends or even alone, surrounded by tradition, wildlife and natural attractions scenery.

A visit to the camel camp at the foot of Mount Meru, you will enjoy several activities including, thorough explanation of the way camels are kept in the semi arid plains,   camel safaris varying in length from half a day to one week, bird-watching walks through the plains around Mount Meru,a climb up Ol Doinyo Landaree, the mountain with the shape of a pyramid, view into the culture and daily life of the Maasai and  fresh cup of camel milk.

Camel safaris: Sir at the back of the camel and guided by Maasai warriors, you can perfectly oversee the area and have good chances for wildlife viewing and special birds. With Kilimanjaro and Longido Mountain at the horizon, and Mount Meru rising up right behind you, the landscape you are wandering through is of an amazing magnitude.

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Adventure Camel safaris

4 Day Mount Meru Climbing, Arusha National Park

Mount Meru, situated east of the Great Rift Valley and about 40 km southwest of Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania’s Arusha National Park, is considered an active volcano and is the country’s second highest mountain.  Arusha National park is beautiful park with many big and small wild animals, birds and plants.

It is fourth highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro,Kenya, and Ruwenzori, and second highest mountain after Kilimanjaro,Mount Meru is 4566m high.

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Mount Meru is a wonderful mountain with amazing scenery and wildlife; it’s location in East Africa means that most tourists will visit Mount Meru as a secondary trip in conjunction with their primary destination, usually Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, or Northern circuit safari parks. Reasons to do this summit includes.

Acclimatization before Kilimanjaro climbing, attractive views into the summit crater and ash cone,  hiking along the crest of the crater rim,  nice, but distant, views of Kilimanjaro from the summit,  the ability to see a lot of wildlife on the lower slopes in the form of a walking safari, the chance to escape the tourist crowds.

On the lower slopes of the mountain and inside the park, there is a good chance of spotting animals. An armed ranger will accompany your party on the first stage to protect against any wildlife threats. The trail follows the north rim of the crater, along a dramatic ridgeline. Once at the summit, the views of Mount Kilimanjaro and down into Meru crater are very fascinating.

Detailed 4 days Mount Meru climbing trip


In the morning we are collected from your hotel and transfer to Arusha National Park. At the Momella gate we finish registration formalities before setting off with your guide and armed ranger – there is abundant wildlife in the forests! The forest section is especially scenic with strangler figs and the possibility of seeing buffalo grazing in one of the clearings. In the late afternoon we reach a viewpoint before heading onto Miriakamba hut for dinner.

Overnight Miriakamba hut (full board).


We set off from Miriakamba initially still in the forest zone but in a few hours as we reach Saddle hut for lunch in the alpine desert zone. In the afternoon a walk to the summit of Little Meru can be taken for stunning views before heading back to Saddle Hut for dinner.

Overnight Saddle Hut (full board).


We rise early and our hard work is rewarded at dawn as the sun rises to the East. Kilimanjaro is normally clearly seen from here and the sheer cliffs of the crater fall dramatically 1000 feet or more. We return back and after some brunch at Saddle Hut, we continue down to Miriakamba hut for dinner.

Overnight Miriakamba hut (full board).


The final section takes up to 3 hours to return to our vehicles where we say farewell to our crew and have time for a short picnic lunch and game drive before returning to Arusha for a well deserved shower!

Overnight The Arusha Hotel (half board)

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3 Day Meru Climbing, Trekking Adventures

Mount Meru climbing is a mountain trek for purpose of sports, tours and acclimatization before attempting Kilimanjaro hike. Meru trekking is an adventure with close view with wildlife like birds, graffes, buffaloes and more.

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and nearest volcanic mountain is Meru. Mount Kilimanjaro climbing need acclimatization either by adding extra day in the mountain or starting by trekking Mount meru.

Day 1: Arusha – Momella gate – Miriakamba Hut
Drive1 Hr, Hike Distance 10 km, 4 – 5 hrs, 1000m ascent, Altitude: 2516m

Drive to the Arusha National Park gate at Momella. For the first section of the climb through the lush forest, crossing the Ngare Nanyuki River to reach Miriakamba Hut at 8337ft/2541m for overnight stay. Dinner and overnight Mariakamba Hut

Day 2: Mariakamba Hut to Saddle Hut
Hike Distance 4km, 2 – 3 hrs, 1050m ascent, Altitude: 3566m

continue to ascend steeply through the pleasant forest glades and giant heather to reach Saddle Hut at 11,713ft/3570m.
From here it is possible to take a side trek to reach the summit of Little Meru 12,450ft/3794m and return to Saddle Hut in about 2 hours. Dinner and overnight Saddle Hut,

Day 3: Saddle Hut to Meru Summit to Momella Gate
Hike distance 5km ascent + 19km descent, 4 – 5 hrs ascent + 6-8 hours descent, 1000m ascent, Altitude: 4566m

An early start to reach Rhino Point and then on to the summit at 14,981ft/4566m to see the sunrise behind Mount Kilimanjaro, before descending back to Momella Gate to be met and transferred back to your hotel.


Price is 780 US $ if you are alone.

Price above include services below
– Transport to the mountain gate – Meru
– English speaking interactive and enthusiastic Tanzanian guides and crew
– Food and services for clients on the mountain; Good quality food with
imaginative variety
– 3 man tents for 2 people sharing. Good quality mountain tents
-Trained mountain trekking guides (1 guide to 2 clients)
-All relevant Park fees & rescue fees
– All accommodation as described in the itinerary
– Transfers as described in the itinerary
-Drinks on the hike (potable water, tea, coffee & hot chocolate)

Excludes: Services paid by yourself
-International flights
-Entry visas
-Items of a personal nature like climbing gears
-Airport transfers on arrival
-Hotel in Arusha

6 Day Machame Route – Kilimanjaro Climbing

Best route for Kilimanjaro trekking

Adventurous Kilimanjaro climbing tours through Machame route.

Why climbing through Machame route? read below.

Machame route is the most popular; The Machame route is scenically beautiful and varied. It is the route of choice amongst most climbers because it provides spectacular views and a variety of habitats.


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Machame route is considered the most beautiful route up Kilimanjaro. With a gradual ascend through the forest you emerge to see wide views of the moorland on Shira plateau, Kibo and Western Breach. The different kinds of vegetation found along the route make it the most scenery route.

For a slightly more technical climb on Kilimanjaro, one can conquer Uhuru peak from Arrow Glacier camp, but a less challenging route can be taken from Barranco hut.

The trek begins at Machame Gate, located in the southern base of mountain, within its lush, fertile rainforest. The route heads toward the Shira Plateau, before circling along the southern circuit halfway around the mountain, exposing the climber to great views from all angles. The approach to the summit is made from the east, and the descent follows the Mweka trail.

Climbers sleep in supplied tents at designated campsites, and eat meals either outdoors or inside a large dining tent. Staff prepares all meals and sets up the tents

Below is a detailed Machame route daily activity.

DAY 1:

Breakfast, drive from your hotel in Moshi/Arusha to Machame gate (about 45min.). After about an hour of registration and  park fees payments, start climbing along a clear trail through plantation and natural forest, thereafter a narrow forest path follows to the Machame hut (9,900ft), B.L.D.

DAY 2:

Breakfast, ascending through the forest, steep ridge passing through heather and open moorlands, and crossing a large gorge to Shira hut (12,600ft).

The distance is about 5-6 hours.

DAY 3:

After breakfast, we will ascend to Lava tower (15,180ft) with lunch on the way to Baranco, then descend slowly to Baranco hut (12,850ft) for dinner and overnight, B, L ,D.

DAY 4:

After breakfast, we leave Baranco hut for Barafu hut (14,910ft). We will pass through the last water drop at Karanga valley on the way up. Overnight Barafu hut, B, L, D.

DAY 5:

Wake up at midnight, and after a small snack, start ascending to Uhuru Peak through the Stella point (18,640ft), then after reaching the summit, we will head down to Mweka hut () for dinner and overnight, B, L, D.

DAY 6:

After breakfast, we will head down to Mweka gate with lunch packet, and the waiting vehicle will take you to your hotel in Moshi/Arusha, B, L.

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7 Day Lemosho Route Climbing Kilimanjaro

Lemosho route, glades 7 days climbing Kilimanjaro schedule.

Lemosho route is one of Kilimanjaro trekking trail up to Kilimanjaro Summit. Climbing mount kilimanjaro guides will take you through Kilimanjaro natural forest, volcanic rocks to kilimanjaro summit snow.

Climb kilimanjaro on lemosho route

The Lemosho Route is virgin, remote, few climbers and beautiful way up Kilimanjaro through Shira Plateau. Lemosho route is also used to reach the Western Breach route or followed by the Kibo South Circuit and hike by the easier Baranco hut and Barafu Route. The route is one of the few where climbers are escorted by armed range and mountain guides because the forests around the Lemosho Glades are rich in buffalo, elephant and other big game animals.

The Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route is the best ascent route because it offers full mount Kilimanjaro experience, more acclimatisation time, more culture, wildlife safaris, more spectacular scenery and even a night in Kibo crater on optional.

Climbing Kilimanjaro through Lemosho route can be achieved in 7 days.

Lemosho trail Day to Day trekking schedule:

1. Drive from Moshi or Arusha to Londorossi Park Gate (2250 m, 2 hours). From here a forest track requiring a 4WD vehicle leads to Lemosho Glades (2100 m, 11 km, 45 minutes) and a possible campsite (park fees are not paid to camp here). Walk along forest trails to Mti Mkubwa (big tree) campsite, (2750 m, 3 hours).

2. The trail gradually steepens and enters the giant heather moorland zone. Several streams are crossed then it gains the Shira Ridge at about 3600 m and drops gently down to Shira 1 camp located by a stream on the Shira Plateau (3500 m, 5 hours). This campsite could be omitted.

3. A gentle walk across the plateau leads to Shira 2 camp on moorland meadows by a stream (3850 m, 1.5 hours). A variety of walks are available on the Plateau making this an excellent acclimatization day.

4. Continue east towards Kibo passing the junction, then east towards the Lava Tower. Shortly after this, you descend to Barranco hut (3940 m, 4 hours).

5. A short scramble to the top of the Great Barranco and then a traverse over scree and ridges to the Karanga Valley (4000 m, 3 hours), beneath the icefalls of the Heim, Kersten and Decken Glaciers. After climbing out of the Karanga Valley the trail ascends a ridge to the Barafu Hut, a bleak location with little vegetation at 4600 m, (3 hours walking).

6. An early start for the ascent to the rim of the Kibo Crater between the Rebmann and Ratzel Glaciers, (4 hours); the last section before the rim can sometimes be snow-covered and an ice-axe or ski stick is useful for balance. From here a further hour leads to Uhuru Peak, from where there are often fine views of Meru to the west and the jagged peak of Mawenzi to the east. Descend to the Barafu Hut for a rest and lunch before continuing on down to camp at Mweka Hut in the giant heather zone on the forest edge. Those with energy on the summit may wish to descend to the Reutsh Crater and visit the dramatic ice pinnacles of the Eastern Icefields.

7. A 3-4 hour descent through beautiful forest brings you to the Park gate and your waiting transport.

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All services are included: Kilimanjaro Airport Transport or Nairobi Bus shuttle to Arusha, hotel on arrival, transfer from hotel to kilimanjaro gate lemosho route, guides, porters,cook, entry fees.

Climbing mount kilimanjaro

Machame Route Kilimanjaro Climb, Trekking Expeditions

Machame route trip booking Kilimanjaro expeditions is easier.

Machame route is one of 7 Kilimanjaro route used to climb Kilimanjaro and reach summit. Kilimanjaro Expedition trip on Machame route 7 days have enough acclimatization time for guarantee comfort and trekking to high peak. Machame route is favorite Kilimanjaro route because has scenic beauty and naturally attractive.

Mt Kilimanjaro natural wonders

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Machame route 7 days detailed itinerary is below.


After breakfast you depart by vehicle to Kilimanjaro. At the gate your crew finalise packing and after finishing with formalities you start of from Machame gate. Today’s hiking is through verdant afromontane forest to Machame camp and on route you have a picnic lunch. Look out for pretty endemic flora and a gradation of forest zones!

Overnight Machame Camp (breakfast – lunch – dinner)


From Machame camp you hike to Shira Camp. The first section is relatively steep and altitude is gained rapidly. A picnic lunch is taken on trail today. The zone you pass through today is known as the heath zone where attractive Helichrysum and lobelia plants become apparent. Various geologic features can be seen today from lava tubes to glacial valleys.

Overnight Shira Camp (breakfast – lunch – dinner)


Today is a walk high sleep low day. You ascend into alpine desert and for those that are feeling strong you can even head up to Lava Tower before descending to Barranco camp. Lunch is taken as a picnic lunch on route. This is long day but note that the next time you head to this altitude is in two days time – great acclimatisation day!

Overnight Barranco Camp (breakfast – lunch – dinner)


From Barranco camp, famous for its’ giant groundsels (Senecio species), you ascend the Barranco wall and hike glacial valleys to Karanga camp. Today is a relatively short day hiking and lunch is taken at Karanga camp. In the afternoon a walk can be taken with your guides for great views of the Southern walls of Kibo and deep glacial valleys.

Overnight Karanga Camp (breakfast – lunch – dinner).



Today is another half day ascending to Barafu camp. Once again lunch is taken in camp allowing plenty of time to relax before the summit bid. Desolate alpine desert and at times strong winds rip over this camp and yet in the evening splendid views of Mawenzi peak are the norm. A relatively early dinner is taken before heading to rest for the evening.

Overnight Barafu Camp (breakfast – lunch – dinner)


Most people depart just before midnight for the final summit bid. Patience and persistence is the name of game to reach the summit and by dawn as the first rays of light start to appear, most arrive near the rim. Ascending via Stella Point affords a relatively short final section to Uhuru peak, the Roof of Africa! What goes up must come down and your goal today is to reach Mweka camp.

Overnight Mweka Camp (breakfast – lunch – dinner)

DAY 7 – Mweka to ARUSHA

After breakfast you descend once again through montane forest and around mid day after saying farewell to your crew, you are picked up and transfer back to your hotel for a well deserved shower!

Overnight The Arusha Hotel (breakfast – lunch – dinner)

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