Cheap flights USA to Tanzania

If you are in USA or Canada, travel planning mostly look for convenient International flights and nearest possible to destinations. Tourists from USA or Canada planning Kilimanjaro Expeditions need to travel and arrive nearest possible to Mount Kilimanjaro. Sunrise at Summit of Kilimanjaro Shining Snow and full moon summiting Kilimanjaro are two amazing experiences when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to the summit.

End summit sunrise snow
Summiting Kilimanjaro climb with snow sunrise

Kilimanjaro International Airport known as JRO is convenient International Airport for tourists from USA and Canada to arrive. Several International Airlines which fly to JRO are Delta Airlines, KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airways, Etihad Airways,FASTJET, Kenya Airways and Fly Dubai.

Cheap flights from USA and Canada to Kilimanjaro Airport are available at these airlines: Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad airways and FASTJET.


Travel tips on how to travel safely and get discount Airfares is available at Kilimanjaro Expeditions Office. Budget airfares booking discount rates are provided by Ethiopian Airlines and Qatar Airways. Contact Kilimanjaro Expeditions in Arusha for discount travel airfares updates and cheap flights booking.

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