Climbing kilimanjaro routes

Climbing Kilimanjaro routes

Climb kilimanjaro Climbing kilimanjaro routes
Climb kilimanjaro
Climbing kilimanjaro routes

Kilimanjaro routes are official designated ways to lead the tourists to trek Kilimanjaro to the summit. The Kilimanjaro ways or trails are known as Kilimanjaro climbing routes. Kilimanjaro has several official trekking routes. These are: Northern Circuit, Machame, Marangu, Rongai, Londorossi, Lemosho, Shira and Mweka (descent only).

Success tips to hike Kilimanjaro to the summit are to know current Kilimanjaro weather, preparing climbing gears and how to choose Kilimanjaro trekking route. Each Kilimanjaro climbing route has different and unique features.

It is better to understand description of each route so that you can know suitable Kilimanjaro route for you.

Northern Circuit route: – it is the newest route on Kilimanjaro. North route has very low traffic due to very long time on the mountain, traverses nearly the entire mountain including the north side. Has long route with great scenic volcano views.

Lemosho route:- Lemosho route has long access drive passing through wildlife savanna, It is remote, less frequented, beautiful forests, scenic traverse to Barafu, camping. Lemosho route is excellent for acclimatization.

Machame route:- Machame trail is second most popular Kilimanjaro route. Has beautiful natural forest, and is very good for acclimatization, Machame has beautiful scenic traverse to Barafu hut.

Rongai route: – Has long access drive, located in north Kilimanjaro on remote, less frequented, some fine, wild, camping. Good for acclimatization.

Marangu route:- It is  Very popular(crowded).has gentle gradients and long sections up to 4700m (2.9 mi). It has beautiful forests and moorlands, comfortable but basic huts. The 6 day variant provides good time for acclimatization.

Umbwe: It has shortest and steepest route, very physically taxing and requires serious endurance. Has Beautiful forest, spectacular ridge, bad for acclimatization, scenic traverse to Barafu, camping. Need experience and exercise.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro adventure is the exciting Tanzania mountain climbing holiday. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, pinnacle of Africa and one of 7 new natural wonders.

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