Kilimanjaro climbing success tips

Well informed and planning on Kilimanjaro climbing

Kilimanjaro climbing success tips, observe!

-Climb slowly to increase your acclimatization time and maximize your chances of reaching the summit.

To avoid altitude sickness, allow a minimum of five nights, preferably even more for the climb. Take your time and enjoy the beauty of the mountain.

-Don’t over –exert yourself when you first get up to altitude, but light activity is better than sleeping because respiration decreases during sleep, making AMS symptoms worse.

Avoid smoking, alcohol and tranquillizers as they further decrease the respiratory drive during sleeping-resulting in worsening symptoms.

-Use Mountain Climbing Outfitter (Tour Operator) which is licensed. The Legal company have employed Well trained and experienced Mountain Guides. These Professional Mountain Guides are trained and licensed by Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Authority. They understand all safety conditions in the Mountain for care taking of Tourists.

-There are also Mount Kilimanjaro Rangers, these are employed by Tanzania National Parks and they work hand in hand with Mountain Guides mentioned above in cases of Rescue if any case arises.

-Since these Mountain Guides are well trained and experienced, please trust them for your safety. Listen to them and will enable you reach Mount Kilimanjaro summit. These Guides are Friendly and will tell you various stories and knowledge about Mount Kilimanjaro, they are so friendly.

– Drink as much water as you can, and enough water is provided by Travel Agencies/Kilimanjaro climbing outfitter. Acclimatisation and the exertion of the climb caused fluid loss. You will need to drink 3-5 litres per day! Monitor your urine color (should be clear).

-Also Chocolate and Biscuits with Glucose will help you on Summiting day.

-Eat a high carbohydrate diet (more than 70% of calories from carbohydrate).Oral rehydration salts and energy bars are recommended. Ask the Travel agency or Kilimanjaro trekking for Menu daily time table and demand what you need.

-Strongly consider the use of Acetazolamide (Diamox) to speed acclimatisation with a factor 3-4.This drug was introduced in the mid 1990’s; it makes the blood more acid and stimulates the frequency of respiration. Side effects: incease of urine output, tingling of fingers and lips. Mild drowsiness and a possible allergic reaction as it is sulfa based.If considering taking the drug, try it before the trip. The most recent advice for the dosage: 250 mg in the morning (whole tablet), 125 mg in evening (1/2 tablet).Start the day before or the day of the ascent and continue 3-4 days, as normally acclimatization takes 3 days.

People suffering from cardiac or severe pulmonary diseases and pregnant women should avoid high altitudes.

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