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Kilimanjaro routes Map guide and information useful for tourists is below.

Discount travel deals to climb Kilimanjaro are Machame route and rongai route expeditions. Full moon Kilimanjaro dates for all Kilimanjaro routes. It is exciting to trek Kilimanjaro and summit on full moon dates. Moon light brightens all way and all scenic view of Kibo and Volcano crater are seen from Camps. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro dates on full moon dates are available, plan and book with us.

Mount Kilimanjaro is located about 340 km from Equator and is regarded as face of Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is UNESCO World heritage site and among Natural wonders Africa. Kibo peak of height 5895m makes Mount Kilimanjaro the highest peak and when looking at base is largest free Standing Mountain in the world, has dormant volcano. Budget travel deals to trek Kilimanjaro are available, 6 days machame route expeditions Kilimandscharo klettern and 6 days Rongai route Kilimanjaro climbing adventures budget travel packages

Kilimanjaro routes are trekking path to the Africa roof, Kibo peak, Kilimanjaro routes vary in distances and elevation in altitude. Machame route (63 km)  is shorter than Rongai (70) route by 7 kms,

Map of Kilimanjaro routes helps booking trip preparations to climb Kilimanjaro
Map of Kilimanjaro routes helps booking trip preparations to climb Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro expeditions include all inclusive travel packages trekking Kilimanjaro on any Kilimanjaro route you choose. Adventures climbing Kilimanjaro cheap travel deals are Machame and Rongai.

Secrets inside Kilimanjaro which are not known to most travelers and all people is about 5 climatic zones of earth which is in Kilimanjaro weather experienced when tourist climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The tourists trekking Kilimanjaro from lowest base to peak Kibo peak with snow will pass through all 5 climatic zones named Cultural zone, Rain forest, the Heather & Moorland, alpine desert and the summit zone with Snow.

Climbers will experience and see many amazing attractions in this Africa natural wonder. It is difficult to tell all, however a person who climbs Kilimanjaro have better position to explain. First of all it depends which Kilimanjaro route you choose and number of days of trekking also influences what you see. In Machame route, wonderful Geographical attractions are Arrow glacier, Karanga Valley, Reusch Volcano crater and heim glacier. On Lemosho route amazing geographic volcano is Fischer camp, Thomas glacier camp, Reusch crater volcano, arrow glacier, lava tower and Snow Kilimanjaro. Rongai route is another Kilimanjaro route whereby mountain climbers can discover magic beauty of Kilimanjaro School hut, mawezi saddle hut, Weissmann peak, Kibo saddle, Hans Meyer Cave,  and Eastern Snow fields can be seen on Rongai route.

Climb Kilimanjaro machame route on budget trip booking
Climb Kilimanjaro machame route on budget trip booking

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Kilimanjaro flight centre provides local helicopter scenic flights around slopes of Kilimanjaro see more attractions. Hot air balloon flight in Tarangire National park and Serengeti is awesome. Budget hotels in Moshi and Arusha are available for online reservations. Moshi is base camp for preparation to hike Kilimanjaro such as acclimatization and hiking gears.