Kilimanjaro routes and Travel tips

Guideline on selecting Kilimanjaro route, health, and general travel tips are below.

Among things to consider for planning climbing Mount Kilimanjaro are health, flight tickets, Entry VISA, Hotel reservations, acclimatization and choice of Kilimanjaro route.  Health is all about how to do exercise, physical fitness, acclimatization and important of drinking enough water.

Climbing Mountains is expedition’s trips which need body involvement, muscle stretching and kind of exercise sports. Success climbing to summit of Kilimanjaro need exercise for first time climbers. Acclimatization is way to get your body used to new weather, adopt high altitude and muscle s trained to work hard. 2 weeks before begin Kilimanjaro trek, climber have to do light exercises like jogging and other exercises, some people are used to work long hours on office without exercises, other people resident places are on low altitude.

Alpine trekking is way of exploring Mountains tourist attractions and making Volcano tours. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is one of highest Mountain climb on earth.

Kilimanjaro route are official established pathways which lead tourists to the summit, these routes usually passes through natural attractions such as forest, waterfalls, wildlife, birds, volcanic rocks, glaciers and then snow. Snow is found at Kilimanjaro summit on Kibo peak with 5895m.

Each Kilimanjaro route has distinct different features such as forest, waterfalls, wildlife, scenery and big aspect is elevation steepness. Elevation steepness and form of volcanic rocks provide early decision on level of physical fitness needed. Example, Rongai route is considered gentle slope and hence easier to hike. While Umbwe route is considered as most difficult route because it has sharp rise steepness elevation but short Kilimanjaro route. Tourists with climbing experience can enjoy trekking through Umbwe route.

Machame route is moderate easier and has two ways of trekking to summit; these are through Barafu hut which is easier and arrow glacier which is technical.

Lemosho route and Machame route ascent Kilimanjaro in same way except Lemosho route begin from deep wilderness forest with big game wildlife. Machame route and Lemosho route converge at Shira plateau.

Climbing mount Kilimanjaro tours provided are Rongai route trekking expeditions, Umbwe route climb adventures, Machame route climbing Kilimandjaro trips, Marangu route hike and Northern circuit climbing mount Kilimandscharo adventure. Deutsche and Spanish speaking guides are also available for leading Kilimandscharo and Kilimandjaro climbing trips. Russian speaking guides can be booked in advance for Russian and Ukraine tourists.

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