Kilimanjaro routes secret travel tips

Among all Kilimanjaro routes, there are secret travel tips to be revealed.

Kilimanjaro routes vary in altitude, elevation, Geographical features, forest and Volcano rocks. There are reasons why some routes are preferable over other routes and why tourists climb successful to summit compared to other routes. Example, most travelers which choose Machame route, Rongai and Lemosho summit to Kilimanjaro peak.

Machame route climbing up goes by increasing elevation hiking up for 2 days and then go parallel and some how down low altitude a little bit. This is amazing action to acclimatize which occurs in Machame route and Lemosho route and does not happen in any other Kilimanjaro route. Do you see point here? If you don’t understand, send us email and we explain more or we arrange appointment to speak direct to Professional Mount Kilimanjaro guide.




Check this Kilimanjaro routes secrets discover how to climb Kilimanjaro to summit successful and with comfort.

It is simple ideal to understand..Climb for 2 days to Shira camp, then from Shira go parallel to Barranco via Volcano Lava tower. Then trek down to Karanga valley, here you go to low altitude… to Karanga Valley Campsite, then finally hike up to Kilimanjaro Summit via Barafu Camp. Usually climbers begin summit journey at mid night from 1.00 am to 2.00 am and summiting on full moon or darkness days using head torch heading to summit in the early morning almost 5.30 to 06.00 am with Sun rise. 

mountain-climbing snows and sunrise