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Mount kilimanjaro is the volcano mountain in Africa.
Kilimanjaro volcano is dormant.

Kilimanjaro volcano erupted from rift valley and resulted on massive mountain rising from savanna plains. Tanzania has active volcano destination and is Oldonyo Lengai. Oldonyo Lengai trekking is active adventure in Tanzania and many people take it after kilimanjaro climb

Massive mountain has three volcanic peaks of Shira, Kibo and Mawenzi.

Kibo peak is the highest, has glaciers and permanent snows.

Tourists climb kilimanjaro to reach Kibo peak, which is the summit.

Climbing mount kilimanjaro is the adventure travel and tourist activity which attracts many climbers across the world.

Climbing kilimanjaro routes are designated kilimanjaro natural trails which lead tourists to reach summit.

Local kilimanjaro climbing guides are well trained, they know all kilimanjaro trekking routes. Kilimanjaro trekking guides understand all wild animals available in the Kilimanjaro forest.

kilimanjaro guides understand formation of mount kilimanjaro volcanic rocks. Rock climbing is one of activity done for acclimatization.

Kilimanjaro guides know how to help climbers feel comfortable and enjoy climbing mount kilimanjaro tour.

Climbing mount kilimanjaro guides understand well about high altitude sickness or mountain illness. Tourists and climbers in general are advise how to avoid altitude sickness or mountain illness by having proper acclimatization, drinking enough water, proper clothing, climbing gears and mountaineers food.

Booking mount kilimanjaro climbing trip is easier and convenient for all tourists.
Online kilimanjaro climbing booking tour is done by choosing route, decide how many days and negotiating price.

Price starts from 1280 US $ per person for 5 or more people.

General standard price is 1380 US $ for 2 to 4 people.

One person, solo traveler can get private trip for 1580 US $.

How to book kilimanjaro climb tour and confirm? For kilimanjaro climbing package discount, contact us and we will give you discount! Welcome!

Write email and tell your expected travel dates. Explain number of people and you will get all details.

How to book kilimanjaro trek and confirm is by paying deposit by Wire transfer or Credit Card.

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Hiking kilimanjaro is enjoyable and comfortable enjoying volcano, plants, wildlife and snow

After climbing kilimanjaro tour, extend your vacation holiday with wildlife safari tour to national parks of tarangire, lake manyara, serengeti and ngorongoro conservation area.

Tanzania safaris of 4 days is also ok which includes Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater only with guarantee to see wildebeest migration, birds, all Big 5 Africa.

African safaris of 3 days might be enough to visit Tarangire, Lake manyara national parks and ngorongoro crater.

Beach holidays is also possible, ideal tours to tropical beaches of Tanzania are possible and cheap.

Zanzibar beach resorts, Tanga beach hotels, Pangani beach lodges, bagamoyo beach resorts and mafia island beach holidays.

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Kilimanjaro climbing successful will bring you to Roof of Africa to see snow live. Choose any climbing mount kilimanjaro route and we provide kilimanjaro climbing cost all inclusive and budget trip.

Hiking kilimanjaro to summit