New 7 natural wonders of Africa, Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

Mount Kilimanjaro is located within Kilimanjaro National park, one of Tanzania national parks.  Apart from being one of 7 natural wonders Africa, Kilimanjaro is one of seven summit highest world peaks. Kilimanjaro is one of easiest seven summit accessible by normal walking by foot, Non Technical.

Professional Mountain guide is necessary to lead your trek to Kilimanjaro summit. Rent a professional Kilimanjaro guide and explore beauty of natural wonder Mount Kilimanjaro.


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To book a trip and explore natural scenic beauty of Kilimanjaro, you need to inquire and get information. Kilimanjaro routes which really show attractions of natural wonders you need to choose Machame route or Lemosho route.

Machame route 6 days

Machame route 7 days 

Kilimanjaro offer magnificent scenic view when you reach land of Tanzania before landing at Kilimanjaro International Airport.


Hemingway a famous book writer tells it as unbelievable white in the sun. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, standing at 5895m.Being the largest free –standing mountain in the world is also one of the highest dormant volcanoes.

Kilimanjaro has permanent snow despite being 330 from equator and few km about 290km from tropical cost.

Mount kilimanjaro became one of 7 natural wonders Africa in Febr, 2013. List of natural wonders Africa are Red Sea Reef, Sahara Desert, Serengeti Migration, Ngorongoro crater, Nile River, Okavango Delta and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Among all destinations, mount kilimanjaro has a lot of tourist things to do like wildlife tours on lemosho route, hiking umbwe route, trekking rongai, climbing machame, marangu route, waterfalls sightseeing tours and chagga culture.

Furthermore climbing and trekking destination in Tanzania are Ngorongoro highlands are kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro geographical feature has international value – it is world heritage site as recognized by UNESCO.

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Kilimanjaro trekking does not need technical equipments like rope or training. Acclimatization is needed to become familiar with local weather at Kilimanjaro.

Among other 7 summits mountains, kilimanjaro trekking takes place between 6 kilimanjaro climbing routes. Climbing mount kilimanjaro routes include machame route, lemosho route, marangu route, umbwe route, rongai route. Ecotourism routes which have responsible travel features are machame, umbwe and lemosho.

Everest Mountain is most difficult and dangerous mountain to climb among 7 summits. Denali is also difficult, while easiest to climb is Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and Aconcagua. Mountaineers from Norway, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Brazil, Austria, German and Italy choose Kilimanjaro as climbing destination. First people from Europe to climb Kilimanjaro were from German, Austria and Netherlands,