Northern circuit- New route on Kilimanjaro


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Northern circuit is a new route established to climb Kilimanjaro, traverse and explore the mountain. You can climb Kilimanjaro through Northern circuit by starting from Rongai route, Nalemoru gate or Lemosho route, Londorosi gate.

Northern circuit has very low traffic, traverses nearly the entire mountain including the north side. It is Long route with scenery views, sight seeing over the volcano, forest plantation and snow. Minimum 9 days are needed to be in the mountain, counted from gate to Kilimanjaro peak and back to Mweka gate.

It begins from the north, and then going across nearly the entire mountain counter clockwise before approaching the summit from the east. It enables the tourist climbing Mount Kilimanjaro easily, gently and successful with enough acclimatization time.

This route offers diverse views, making a particularly scenic route. Being a lengthy, wilderness route, and the only route to cross the northern face, there is very few tourists on this route. It’s length means that it provides more acclimatization time than other routes.

Registration for the route is at Londoross Gate, or Rongai gate. On Londorosi gate travelers start with the trek itself beginning at the road head at Lemosho Glades and following a little used track called Chamber’s Route. The route then follows around the northern face of the mountain, crossing the high desert plateau of Shira Caldera and passing Shira Cathedral to reach Moir Valley and then Buffalo Ridge. From here, the route climbs onto The Saddle, a lunar landscape which stretches between Kibo and Mawenzi Peaks. The overnight ascent to the summit is made from School Hut campsite to the crater rim at Gilman’s Point, from where a trail leads on to the summit of Kilimanjaro at Kibo/Uhuru Peak. Go down from the summit is made via Stella Point, Barafu Camp and Millennium Camp, leaving the park at Mweka Gate.


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