Official Address and Locations


Kilimanjaro Expeditions and Climbing Adventures (T) Ltd,

Your professional Kilimanjaro trekking host organiser:-
YMCA, Opposite New Safari Hotel.
P.O BOX 303 – Arusha.
Tel:+255755316283; Fax:+255272544658


“We inform you about Kilimanjaro weather,advise on favourite route, use modern equipments, and more professional ethics for your comfort, success”

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2 thoughts on “Official Address and Locations

  1. James Marko

    African Safari is an unforgettable travel experience, it includes visiting wonderful game/safari parks in National parks,game reserves or conservation areas.

    African safaris, Safari is an overland journey, usually a trip by tourists to Africa, being photographing or wildlife safaris. Safari in Swahili means journey as well, travel from one place to another.

    Tanzania safaris to visit National parks like serengeti, Tarangire,Lake manyara or southern circuit safari parks like Ruaha, mikumi.

    Safaris in Tanzania also covers conservation areas like Ngorongoro, Lake Eyasi in Northern circuit or Selous game reserve in southern circuit.

    Affordable Tanzania safaris, Safaris tanzania can be cheap or costs according to accommodation standard like budget camping safaris or permanent tented camps or luxury camping safaris, as well as budget safari lodges, standard safari lodges and luxury lodges.

    Safari jeep, is always 4 x 4 Landcruiser or Landrover well modified for photographic safaris as well.

    There are various safari packages from 4 days covering serengeti and ngorongoro crater or 5 days covering Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

    With more days you can visit and do more safari in tanzania northern circuit covering all places including Lake Eyasi, tarangire, Arusha park, Mount kilimanjaro, camel safaris, horse riding,canoeing, e.t.c

    Or 6,7,8,9 up to 21 Days covering all Northern park tourist destination.

    Southern circuit safari tour can be from 4 days to selous game reserve, or 7 days selous and ruaha park or 7 days selous game reserve and mikumi or 10 days covering all parks. Selous,ruaha,mikumi,udzungwa and more like saadani.

    You choose whether budget or standard or luxury Tanzania safari tour. All choices and standards are comfort and enjoyable.

    There is nice experience for photographic safaris or leisure safaris.


  2. Melanie seed

    Me and my husband are very interested in climbing Kilimanjaro together or with a party, and would love all information, prices, what’s included e.t.c, thank you


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