Rock climbing and Kili climb


Kili is abbreviation of word Kilimanjaro.

Many tourists use the word Kili to mean Mount Kilimanjaro. Kili has many activities which can be done ranging from volcano tours, rock climbing,cultural tourism and wildlife safari in Kili shira route.

Rock climbing is often used phenomenon for sport adventure activity. Rock climbing is adventure which is famous and worldwide in many tourist destinations.

In Tanzania, rock climbing is rare activity though there are many tourism attractions with rock climbing potentials. These tourism attractions are like Eastern Usambara mountains- amani nature reserve, western usambara –lushoto , a place where first European Johann Ludwig Krapf – a german was there in 1849.It is ecotourism hotspot of international significant.

Mountain climbing is most known adventure activity in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro climbing is No.1 adventure activity because Kilimanjaro is World Heritage site, one of seven summits of world and highest mountain in Africa. Other mountains located near or same zone as Kilimanjaro are Meru and Oldonyo Lengai.

Rock climbing is very important aspect of adventure sport while on vacation holiday. Rock climbing is preferred as pre Kilimanjaro climbing acclimatization. Acclimatization is very important preparation for Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions.

Another importance of rock climbing is sight seeing, scenery, ecotourism and bird watching. Things which are not found any other part of world are in Usambara Mountains, amani nature reserve and lushoto. These are geographic topography, water,rivers,lakes. Plants are like African violet and botanical delight, birds are like Blue mattled crested fly catcher, aman sunbird and usambara hyliute and much more natural attractions like waterfalls of wonderful beauty.

Ngorongoro Conservation area has many highlands and rocks. Volcanic rocks, rivers,waterfalls,craters,and lakes again offer world geographic scenery ecotourism . Rock climbing is potential activity here as exercise, training for Kilimanjaro trekking.

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