Tanzania volcano tours and acclimatization

Here is Volcano Tours and Acclimatization options for Kilimanjaro climbing trips.

Climbing mount kilimanjaro lemosho route has opportunities for volcano tours.

Kilimanjaro Volcano tours

Walking, hiking, bird watching and trekking in Ngorongoro Highland as acclimatization warm up before attempting Kilimanjaro climb. Advantages are acclimatization, scenery view, bird watching and wildlife viewing.

Acclimatization meaning is to get used to altitude weather, and also to prepare your lungs for going high altitudes of Kilimanjaro.

Ngorongoro Highlands, Ngorongoro Crater, Olmoti Crater and Empakai Crater are volcanic geographic features which offer chain of volcanic tours together with Mount Kilimanjaro.


Endoro river nature forest trail is located within the northern highland forest reserve of Ngorongoro conservation area.

Start walking and experience the elephant’s caves created by elephants digging up the earth to ingest the vitamins and mineral rich soil.

Waterfalls: – There is a 150m waterfall; it is unique attraction for travelers to enjoy. From the top of the waterfalls, tourists can have a panoramic view of surrounding hills and Lake Manyara.

Bird watching: – Walking through Endoro nature trail forest tourists will see bird species like eagles, turracos, horn bills, sunbirds, bee eaters and more.

This forest is a home to big games like elephants, buffaloes, leopard, waterbuck, baboons, velvet monkeys, bushbucks, wild pigs, dik dik, rabbits, hyenas and lions.

There are also diversity of indigenous plants and flowers for identification.


Olmoti Crater is located north of Ngorongoro Crater, have altitude of 3,080m. Olmoti Crater is a sunken caldera which bears maasai people with their livestock while some species of antelope.

To visit Olmoti is possible by foot escorted by armed ranger. Guided treks around the rim of the Olmoti Crater and its fringing forest, takes about 3 hours.

It is ideal area for off the beaten track safaris, ecotourism and photographic safaris. People looking for real adventure, responsible travel the choose safari in Ngorongoro Conservation area.


Is second largest crater in northwest of Ngorongoro Conservation area. Other tourist natural attractions are Lake Natron and active volcano of Oldonyo Lengai Mountain.

Empakai Crater is one of natural beauty features of Ngorongoro, Empakai Crater has 300m steep and 6 km diameter in the floor. It is collapsed volcanic caldera and has a soda lake.

This Crater supports a variety of bird species and big games wild animals. While at Empakai Crater in a day of sky without clouds shinning snow of Kilimanjaro can be seen. Walking safaris in Empakai nature and hiking trail.

This is very attractive ecotourism nature safaris in Tanzania. Walking safaris around lake shore and wilderness safari sport is responsible travel of photographic significance.

For a visitors with enough time, can extend to visit Lake Natron, located at rift valley in East Africa. Oldonyo Lengai is a volcanic Mountain located in Maasai land around Lake Natron. Oldonyo lengai is active volcano with volcanic eruptions periodically.

Trekking Oldonyo lengai
Trekking Oldonyo lengai

For active volcano trekking, Oldonyo lengai is real choice. Tourists interested in Volcano tours can book kilimanjaro climbing trips, Mount meru climbing, Oldonyo lengai trekking and Climbing kilimanjaro expeditions.

This acclimatization and volcano tours can be done from 2 to 4 days.

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